You found us! Welcome to our site which incorporates articles on dog training and something that is overlooked by a lot of us dog owners…… nutrition. We can walk, love, groom and dote over our dogs but yet still feed them poor and unhealthy food which can over time have consequences on their coats, teeth, organs and joints -which leads to an unhappy dog!

With a little bit of knowledge on what you are currently feeding them and what you could or should start to feed them your dog will live a longer and healthier life which will mean more quality time for you and your best friend.

We are a bunch of dog lovers who have trained our own dogs , breeds like , German Shepherds, Labrador, Spaniels to name but a few and have learnt the hard way on topics like leash training, clicker training and the basics like sit and roll over. We want to spread the love  and help give fellow dog owners a jump start and advice.

Please keep dropping by and if you would like something added just drop us a line through our Contact Page.