German Shepherd Training

The German Shepherd is a beautiful and very popular dog and basic dog house training is a must. They are very easy to train and are very versatile. They are great for obedience, they’re great for agility and they’re great for protection. So why are you having troubles with German Shepherd training then? Could they not train themselves? we wish.

They are an awesome dog if you like doing tracking work or generally if you like hiking or swimming then they will spend all day by your side. German Shepherd’s are a very loyal pet.


German Shepherd training
German Shepherd pup – 8 weeks old perfect to train

German Shepherd training is sometimes easier than with other dog breeds because this type of dog is one of the brighter dogs in the pack!

In saying that you still have to perform some dog training and you will need to follow some routine steps to have the dog of your dreams.

You will find that German Shepherd training will give you much more enjoyment if you start it whilst the dog is young. You can still train an older dog with more time, but as they say it is hard to teach an old dog tricks so best start while they are a pup, no younger than 8 weeks. Start with the basics like teaching them to sit, stay and of course get them house trained. Bond with your dog especially when they are at the puppy stage so they grow to get familiar with you and learn from you.

German Shepherd training ought to start at the earliest opportunity. These creatures develop into enormous dogs and socialization specifically is an absolute necessity, so get your dog used to other individuals and different dogs as soon as you can and a good way to do this is with a dog training lead or with leash training.

Remember keep your training sessions short – no longer than 20 minutes. They are young with a short concentration span – just like us humans and remember to reward them for good behaviour.

You have to appreciate that this is a working dog and has strong herding instincts. This is a dog with lots of energy and should not be punished for bad behaviour but rewarded for being good like any other dog breed. After your puppy has mastered a command, start treating intermittently so that you don’t have a dog that will only perform for food. Build their confidence and make training fun.  It is no coincidence that this breed is used for security work and search and rescue and also as therapy dogs, because they are so strong yet also intelligent.

german shepherd training book
A must read to help with the stages of your dogs growth

Utilize that knowledge helpfully when you begin  training. A substantial breed  needs a lot of activity every day, amid which you can begin your training. As you realize that your dog is smart you will value that he or she will need to acknowledge who is the boss at an early stage. Build up that you are the pioneer and this is a major part of the fight.

 Be the Alpha Male. When you are walking him or her on your leash training always be the one in front – showing you are in control.


There are various training methods you can utilize when at the same time contemplating German Shepherd training. Websites like Wikihow and Teach your dog basic commands are a great point of reference. A technique that appears to be commonly used is clicker training. Clicker training is a method where the dog learns to associate the sound of the clicker as a positive “marker” for behaviour. You start by clicking the clicker while feeding a high value treat over and over again so that the dog learns that the clicker sound means “very good”. Clicker training is an incredible way to train dogs because they learn so fast with such immediate feedback.

Bear in mind throughout that you should look at one method of training and try it out, then move gradually to another if it doesn’t seem to be working. Throughout your training you will have to consult books or websites on how to train a dog or dog training tips or watch Youtube videos like this one:

How to train a dog to sit and stay:

Socialisation is probably one of the most important parts of German Shepherd training, or in fact any dog training. If you can start this when the dog is a puppy, this is preferable but at any stage, it is worth doing as this will grow into a large dog. Another tip is to get your puppy used to have his or her ears, tail, paws handled in anticipated for future vet and grooming visits. You should get your dog used to other dogs in particular and also to other humans including children.

It can be difficult to get it just right sometimes but one of the more enjoyable aspects of owning a German Shepherd is the satisfaction of seeing them grow and mature into a caring family dog that is obedient and a pleasure to bring for a walk.

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