Review of Low protein dog food on the market

Reviewing low protein dog food is a controversial issue as some vets or experts favour them and some oppose.

Normally low protein dog food is not recommended for healthy dogs. If your vet recommends such food for your pet then it must be suffering from any of the following health problems:

  • Canine renal failure or chronic failure of canine kidney
  • Canine renal or kidney disease
  • Acute canine kidney failure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Crushing Disease
  • Tendency for urinary stones
low protein dog food
An Example of Low Protein Dog food on the market – click to see more plus ingredients.


low protein dog food
Some great low protein dog food out there for every size dog – read instructions carefully on dosage

In this way, low protein dog food are normally recommended for treating various health problems in dogs unlike high protein food aka hypoallergenic dog food which have a number of benefits for them as compared to low protein foods.

Some experts are also of the view that the owners of senior dogs become better off with low protein foods automatically. But there is no solid base for this theory.

When to give a Low Protein diet to the dog:

According to some expert vets low protein foods should be given to the dogs along with other dietary supplements and medication to treat the problem of canine renal failure to slow down the progress of their kidney problem. Most of the vets of this school will suggest you to adjust low phosphorus, low sodium and low protein foods in the diet of your dog if he is suffering from chronic kidney failure in the late stage. Another benefit of giving low protein food to the dogs is to prevent the feeling of fatigue and nausea cased by the uraemic toxins in them.

On the contrary, the vets of opposite school of thought are of the view that low protein food is not right diet for the dogs with canine kidney failure. According to certain papers published by the experts, the theory of reducing protein in dog foods canine kidney disease is a false assumption as it is based on myths instead of any scientific evidence.

Managing the symptoms of Canine Kidney Failure:

Some tips are provided here under by certain dog experts to help you in deciding on low protein foods for your dog or not, after going through both the theories.

transition to low protein dog food
Steps in how to Transition your dog to low protein dog food

Before giving low protein food to your dog you should ensure that its diet contains very high quality protein like grains and processed meat.

Most expert vets agree to recommend low protein food to the dogs suffering from renal failure even if this theory is strongly criticised by many of them.

In order to avoid possibilities of malnutrition in dogs having low protein foods their owners must keep them under strict observation regularly.

Many dogs refuse to eat low protein foods as they are usually much less flavoured than their regular foods. It can make it harmful for the health condition of your dog.

So, while deciding to give low protein foods to your dog you must ensure that he gets all the required nutrients in his diet. You can choose appetizing diet for him that contains enough quantity of natural and healthy nutritious elements in it, after all it is your duties to feed your pet properly to see him laughing and playing.