Transform Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

Everyone is obsessed with and trying to train and raise the perfect dog. The big thing we should ask is does a perfect dog actually exist?

The answer might be like how long is a piece of string? Or is there a perfect person? And we all know the answer to that question – we wish but NO!

So how do you try and achieve this “perfect dog”

a real perfect dog
Ah – could this be a perfect dog?

Well this is my best advice……

You could sign up to doggy school and have your dog or puppy learning to give the paw, roll over, do the commando crawl or spend hours googling and researching the best child friendly breeds but first stop and ask yourself this one question…….

Is that what my dream dog is or should do?

Do I want my dream or perfect dog to be a circus dog or my party piece to have perform and show off when friends call over? “Ah so cute” ; “what a clever dog!”

The reality of it all is that we end up locking the dog out or up once visitors call around or we spend most of the time apologising for his/her behavior and end up with dry cleaning bills after they have jumped all over the guests nice clean clothes with muddy paws!

Its crazy isn’t it?

We focus most of our time and effort into dog tricks that we forget about the key stuff, especially when they are a puppy, and when we realise this it is often too late.

And why is that? Because most dog trainers or dog training course or schools are fixed on doing what everyone else is doing or what they think they should be doing. It is not as easy as picking a dog breed that you think might be easy to train or is renowned for being gentle and good around children, at the end of the day YOU still have to train them.

Sit, roll over, give the paw, like I said earlier, performing monkeys everyone trying to outdo the next no one stops to ask Why? Or can I do X, Y or Z?

Pause and think about this for a second …

Do you know of any dogs that have been put down or sent to the “doggy farm” for performing badly in front of guest or not sitting on command or for giving the paw incorrectly? No, I didn’t think so – no one really pays a huge amount of attention to that.

Puppy- perfect dog
A cute puppy – perfect time to train – try Doggy Dan?!

Yet that’s what we all learn at puppy school or at dog training classes! WHY why-why?!

But… Aggression? Oh man.

A large amount of dogs are put to sleep for aggression, barking, growling and biting than any other reason. Aggressive to children, owners, strangers – it’s all bad news and now a days just not acceptable. It all starts with simple dog socialization.

An out of control dog can be extremely dangerous, pulling and dragging on a leash, not responding when called not to mention the danger they can cause around children or cars and traffic.

That said very few dog trainers will run through how to prevent this, simply understanding leash training and the basics perhaps they do not understand themselves? Read here for a good guide on the basic to leash training

 If you were to carry out a quick survey of what most people’s real idea of a perfect dog would be, in no particular order, would include all of the following 5 important behaviours:

  1. Calm around other animals including dogs
  2. Calm and Friendly to all people including children – not jumpy.
  3. Relaxed and obedient around the home
  4. Responds instantly when called in the park or off the lead.
  5. A pleasure to walk on the lead

Ha….. I have you saying – he has a point!

Maybe your next question is or what you are thinking is …How can I get my perfect dog to tick these boxes?

The good news is that it is not overly complicated. I am usually not one to promote someone else, however thanks to Doggy Dan’s online Dog Trainer video website even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest that the next thing you do today is take a look inside the site!

On the website,you will find and I found a collection of videos showing you how to achieve your kind of “perfect dog”. Dog socialisation, coaching your dog on a dog training lead or if you wanted k9 training. They will guide you through all the things I have touched on above.

Remember: You can do what you’ve always done and get the same result or do something different and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you really want to have a dog that you can be proud of look no further, simply take the 3 day $1 trial inside Doggy Dan’s site here: CLICK HERE 

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